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 ^Name^Rebsorte^Farbe^Jahrgang^Bezug^ ^Name^Rebsorte^Farbe^Jahrgang^Bezug^
 |Clos Lupo|[[wpde>​Monastrell]]|rot|2009|Vinos| |Clos Lupo|[[wpde>​Monastrell]]|rot|2009|Vinos|
 +|Nembus D.O. Yecla|Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, [[wpde>​Monastrell]],​ Garnacha Tintorera|rot|2011|Vinos|
 |Pau Tinto D.O. Yecla|[[wpde>​Monastrell]]|rot|2009|Vinos| |Pau Tinto D.O. Yecla|[[wpde>​Monastrell]]|rot|2009|Vinos|
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